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Skillfully crafted and cloaked in understated shades of light grey, this timepiece is elegant yet rugged. A testament to meticulous craftsmanship and the timeless beauty of traditional grand feu enamel. Offering a subtle nod to the raw power of the elements.


Under Stormy Skies

With its subdued yet commanding shades of light grey enamel, reminiscent of brooding storm clouds, and a textured dial that echoes the churning waves of the ocean, the FH01 Tempest Grey embodies the dynamic interplay of nature's power and grace, capturing the drama of nature's most intense moments.


On the Tempestuous Seas

The FH01 Tempest Grey's boldly textured dial is expertly crafted, shaped by hand to mimic the tumultuous movement of a storm-tossed sea. As light plays across the enamel, the dramatic texture springs to life, immersing the wearer in the rugged beauty of the tempestuous ocean.


Inspired by History

At the core of its understated elegance, the FH01 Tempest Grey pays homage to tradition with the distinctive Haukbök numerals. Originating from the 1310 manuscript "Haukbök" by Icelandic Lawman Haukr Erlendsson, these ancient symbols bridge the gap between the past and present. They serve as timeless reminders of centuries-old craftsmanship, embodying the enduring legacy of horological artistry while adding a touch of historical charm to the watch's modern design.


Availability and Delivery

While not designated as a limited edition, the FH01 Tempest Grey's meticulous craftsmanship restricts availability. Orders are processed in the sequence they are received, prioritising those placed earliest. Given the meticulous production process and significant demand, delivery timelines may fluctuate, with initial deliveries anticipated in October.



We are incredibly grateful for your support and enthusiasm as we launch the FH01 Tempest Grey. As a token of our appreciation for your loyalty and contributions to the watch community, we are offering the watch at a generous discount. 

• Retail Price in 2024: €2495

• Preorder special (first 24 hours only): €1995

• Preorder price until 24th of June: €2245

FH01 Tempest Grey

€ 2.495,00 Regular Price
€ 2.245,00Sale Price
  • Estimated Delivery: October 2024

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