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30 days full refund

We want to give you complete peace of mind when purchasing a Vitreum timepiece and your satisfaction is our highest priority. 

If you are not satisfied with the watch you have received, write us an email within 30 days of receiving the watch. We will arrange for the watch to be shipped back to us free of charge with no questions asked, and we will offer you a full refund upon inspecting the watch. Please note that to qualify for a full refund, the watch must be in perfect, unworn condition and shipped with the original, undamaged paperwork and packaging. 


If you want to request a refund, please write an email to 


In the event that the watch is inspected and found to have been worn, damaged or missing its original paperwork or packaging, we will offer a partial refund, determined during inspection.


Note that custom orders are not eligible for a 30 day full refund.  

3 year movement guarantee

We offer a 3 year guarantee of the movement in your Vitreum watch. In the event that your watch develops a mechanical fault, we will repair the watch for you free of charge within 3 years of purchasing your watch. 

Please note that to qualify for a free repair, your watch must be repaired by Vitreum or a Vitreum affiliated watchmaker. Any prior repairs or services done by a watchmaker not affiliated with Vitreum will invalidate the movement guarantee. 

Also note that the following issues are not covered by the movement guarantee:

  • Accidental damage causing mechanical faults in the movement. 

  • Accidental damage causing cosmetic damage to the watch. 

  • Wear and tear of the strap and / or bracelet. 

  • Water damage caused by wearing the watch in improper conditions for its water resistance rating. 

  • Overwinding the mainspring in a hand-wound mechanical watch. 

  • Faults due to magnetization of the watch movement. 

  • Deliberate damage or neglect of the watch. 


If you have any questions about our refund policy, please write an email to We will get back to you as fast as possible.

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