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Crafted with precision and adorned in a deep emerald green, reminiscent of leafy woodlands, this timepiece is a testament to nature and the artistry of traditional grand feu enamelling.


Into the Forests Deep

From lush green canopies to moss covered forest floors, the FH01 Emerald Green timepiece mirrors nature's tranquil beauty and the natural landscape.

The deep, rich hues of emerald green enamel, like rocky pools, reflect and refract every facet of the captivating hand-engraved dial.


Fractured Emerald

The FH01 Emerald Green's captivating three-dimensional pattern is intricatly hand-engraved to capture the essence of a fractured emerald, shimmering with iridescent brilliance. This delicate texture reflects and refracts the light through the enamel, evoking the natural allure of precious gemstones.


Inspired by History

In the heart of this refined minimalism lies a subtle homage to the past—embodied by the Haukbök numerals. These ancient symbols found in the 1310 manuscript "Haukbök" by Icelandic Lawman Haukr Erlendsson are enduring figures which symbolize a connection between the ancient past and modern era. These numerals capture the essence of centuries-old tradition and craftsmanship, honouring the enduring heritage of horological artistry.


Availability and Delivery

Although it's not a limited edition, the intricate craftsmanship involved limits availability. Orders are fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis, ensuring early orders receive priority. Due to the meticulous production process and high demand, delivery dates may vary, with the first watches expected to be delivered in October.



We are incredibly grateful for your support and enthusiasm as we launch the FH01 Emerald Green. As a token of our appreciation for your loyalty and contributions to the watch community, we are offering the watch at a generous discount. 

• Retail Price in 2024: €2495

• Preorder special (first 24 hours only): €1995

• Preorder price until May 23rd: €2245

FH01 Emerald Green

€ 2.495,00 Regular Price
€ 2.245,00Sale Price
  • Estimated Delivery: October 2024

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