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Dear Esteemed Customer,

I am thrilled to introduce our inaugural masterpiece, the FH01.

At first glance, the FH01 may resemble a conventional wristwatch, but in person, it unveils itself as an extraordinary timepiece that defies the ordinary.

Behold the grand feu enamelled dial – a marvel in its own right.

Crafted by skilled artisans, this hand-made enamel dial is a fusion of sterling silver and meticulously layered enamel glass. The piece undergoes a meticulous process of grinding and polishing to achieve the perfect color depth.

The outcome is nothing short of a spectacle, unrivaled in its uniqueness.

Creating a dial of this caliber demands days of dedicated craftsmanship, a testament to our commitment to preserving the rare artistry of grand feu enamel. In a world where terms like "efficiency" and "bang for your buck" dominate, we proudly embrace the 'old-fashioned' approach, prioritizing mastery over haste.

I extend a personal invitation for you to delve deeper into the two current collections and I hope that you will consider us for your next watch purchase.

Kasper Reisner

Kasper Reisner Signature-01.png



Case material: 


Lug to lug: 

Lug width: 







Vitreum CB transp.PNG

Stainless steel

39,5 mm

46,5 mm

20 mm

9,5 mm

Sellita SW210-1, (hand wound)

Sapphire with multi-layered AR coating

Custom signed crown

Solid caseback with deep etching

€ 4495 (excl. taxes)

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