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Where history and artistry converge.

At the heart of our esteemed Rare Handcrafts range, the FH01 Ammonite emerges as a horological masterpiece, destined to captivate your senses. The focal point of this exquisite timepiece is its grand feu enamel dial, a canvas that unveils the mesmerizing story of an ammonite fossil, an ancient relic that transcends the boundaries of time, gracefully brought into the present.


A fingerprint of time itself

​Cloaked in resplendent golds and rich mahogany brown, the enamel dial of the FH01 Ammonite beautifully replicates the crystalline inner structure of the ancient creature.
Every detail, down to the smallest organic cell, is a labour of love. Meticulously hand-engraved, each cell tells a story of passage of time.


Delving deeper into the intricate details of the FH01 Ammonite, you will notice the captivating, rich azure blue pattern that also adorns the dial.
The hand-carved pattern resembles the delicate textures found in fossil imprints. It adds a touch of depth to the dial.
With every glance, you can appreciate the beauty of the fine details, a subtle reminder of nature’s intricate design.


Finding beauty in the divine

Its harmony is not confined to textbooks or equations; it resides in the very fabric of our world, often appearing in the most unexpected ways. Whether it's the elegant sweep of a nautilus, or the curves of a blooming flower, we are naturally drawn to this mathematical perfection, finding beauty in the divine hand of creation.

The FH01 Ammonite is a testament to this enduring fascination, echoes of the Golden Ratio, a homage to the divine in the spiral of an ammonite fossil.


Limited availability

We want to emphasise that we will honour all orders placed this year, but we anticipate exceptionally high demand for this extraordinary timepiece.

Due to the remarkable interest and the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each FH01 Ammonite, we cannot guarantee availability going into 2024. 

FH01 Ammonite

€ 4.495,00Price
  • Estimated Delivery: Q1 2024

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