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With inspiration from the world of bees, we created a remarkable watch with an appetising watch face.

This champlevé enamel masterpiece is hand-crafted by our enameller in Wales and is going to be made in very small quantities.

Vibrant hues of honey gold

The face of this special version of the FH01 is a marvellous sight to behold.


From the beautiful light reflections to the carefully selected colour palette, it makes for a watch like no other.


Hand-engraved champlevé

Each cell in the dial has been meticulously shaped from a solid piece of silver, after which the sunburst pattern is hand-engraved into base of every cell.


The pattern of fine lines in the silver makes for a surface in which the light can reflect differently depending on the viewing angle.

Gleaming droplets

Seeing the light reflect in the honey-filled champlevé cells is truly astonishing. The light is painted  differently by the various colours of enamel before bouncing back from the hand-engraved sunburst pattern.

Honeycomb CU_edited.jpg

One of few

This champlevé masterpiece represents the very best of what we can offer. One dial alone will take our skilled enameller several days to make. Therefore we are quite limited in terms of the quantities we can produce. 

First batch is limited to 5 pieces. 


Case material: 


Lug to lug: 

Lug width: 






Watches Produced:


Vitreum CB transp.PNG

Stainless steel

39,5 mm

46,5 mm

20 mm

9,5 mm

Sellita SW210-1, (hand wound)

Sapphire with multi-layered AR coating

Custom signed crown

Solid caseback with deep etching

5 pieces (SOLD OUT)

€ 4495 (excl. taxes)

Express your interest here:

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