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A Dance of Nature Frozen in Time

This watch holds within its heart a grand feu enamel dial, a canvas of transparent enamel layered meticulously over hand-engraved sterling silver portraying the ethereal tendrils of mist over the tempestuous sea in early morning as the sun struggles to break through.

Poseidon_Straight down.jpg
Poseidon_side medium.jpg

A Canvas of Dreams

Each piece is handcrafted with unique freehand engravings and adorned with transparent grand feu enamel.

Each of the only five pieces created will be as unique as your fingerprint. Just like moments that make life extraordinary, these watches hold their own stories.

Japanese Inspiration

With a subtle nod to the Edo period’s enchanting Japanese art, its design celebrates the harmony of air and sea with graceful, undulating waves. The delicate hammered texture mirrors raindrops on a window.

Poseidon_side CU2.jpg

Reduced price

As a thank you to our very loyal community of collectors, we have decided to offer this watch at a discount for anyone who make a purchase within the first 30 days of its launch.

Price until 15.10.2023: €3995

Price after: €4495


Case material: 


Lug to lug: 

Lug width: 






Watches Produced:

Preorder price:

Price after preorder:

Vitreum CB transp.PNG

Stainless steel

39,5 mm

46,5 mm

20 mm

9,5 mm

Sellita SW210-1, (hand wound)

Sapphire with multi-layered AR coating

Custom signed crown

Solid caseback with deep etching

5 pieces

€ 3995 (excl. taxes) 

€ 4495 (excl. taxes) 

Express your interest here: 

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